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First off, hey guys!! I'm good, a little bored because it's vacation time and I have nothing else to do than just sit in my room and die :XD: But thanks god there's something like Comic-Con to keep me entertained and constantly stalking the net :lol: Especially if Monster High is part of it :la:

So my thoughts on the new reveals:

 - Scarisian Vacation with Rochelle and Garrot: I love this set, it's pretty! I love Garrot, he's one of the most fashionable boys so far and as I said before, I love his jacket, and his scarf and rose theme too, no doubt he has become one of my favorite boys!! Rochelle looks pretty but I'm not sure about her bright teal hair, I know it's different, but there's something that doesn't seem right with it.

 - Casta Fierce: She's flawless!! I love witches so for me she's an instant hit, love her neck-shoulder thing-y and her long black hair, though I never imagined the canon witch ghoul to be a celebrity, but I don't mind, I love the rockstar theme and just because we have Catty doesn't mean there shoudn't be more celebrities in the MH world.

 - Original Ghouls Collection: Back to basics. Basics are the most appealing form of the 6 main ghouls to me, because of those outfits I immediately fell in love with them, so it's a good thing they're bringing them back. However, these "versions" don't look as well executed as the first ones, they look cheaper and less detailed, which kind of dissapoints me, but doesn't bother me that much, because I own them all (the first versions, that is). So for me they weren't that big of a reveal so...

 - Lorna McNessie, Vandala Doubloons, River Styxx: Pretty much the most interesting reveals of the whole week (I'm sure almost everyone can agree with that). Lorna is adorable!! Love her red har and bright teal skin, love she's using the smaller body (so we can have variety), everything on her is perfect!! Vandala is beautiful as well, love the detailing of her clear hat, chains and peg leg, I''ve read some comments saying that because of her peg leg Mattel is being "cheap" on us, SHE'S A PIRATE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! It makes sense! It's like they want to complain about everything at this point, even well made dolls like her.
River Styxx however, for being the canon daughter of The Grim Reaper, it's not what I expected. I mean she's cute and everything and I like she's using the "pastel goth" style but she just doesn't sell me. We all know my version of the daughter of The Grim Reaper, Nikki Reaper, even though I knew from the start they'll never make her similar to Nikki, I never expected her to be what River is either, but at least she has the cute girly thing going on, something I guessed with Nikki :3

 - Vinyl Draculaura figure: Cute! But not as interesting as Saturday's reveal, I might get Cleo if they ever make her like that :)

As for the rest of the "Haunted" line, I lover Porter, he's an great designed guy, love his green skin and hair, his outfit is pretty detailed, something really important when we talk about the mansters. Kiyomi is not what I expected but I like her almost invisible face, it's a cool feature we have never seen before, but her overall design is not as striking as the others, Clawdeen is just fierce, love her purple hair and her wrapped around golden chains, Draculaura is so-so, Twyla is just GORGEOUS!! So sweet and adorable!! Spectra looks beautiful too, I just hope the real doll will look as pretty as she looks there. I've read a comment saying that there's more dolls for that line that might include Frankie, Ghoulia and Rochelle, if that's true I cannot wait to see them!! I love the "Haunted" line, it's a hit for me! :dance:
Freaky Field Trip, budget line? Not as cool as the others, but I kinda like Clawdeen?! Probably cuz her dark hair and make up.
Gloom and Bloom. LOVE JANE in this one, so elegant and fashionable, for a ghoul who lived in the jungle her whole life, she surely have a flawless sense of style, Venus is so-so, kinda Victorian inspired rather than Punk, Catrine is the least appealing for me.
Monster Exchange. Lagoona = Fabulous!! Draculaura = Finally! Lala in Japanese clothing!! Marisol Coxi = Beautiful, different, yesss!!
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Hi everybody!!!!!! My name is Reinaldo, but you can call me Rei!!

I'm in love drawing, it's my passion since I was a little kid, I'm into Monster High and other cartoons, but my dream is to become a badass digital artist, and maybe someday write my own comic or manga.

I'm into bara, yaoi and everything that involves two or more guys kissing, hugging, and "touching" each other :XD: (I can't help it).

I'm also into fashion, as my fave style is Haute Gothic, Alexander McQueen is my fave designer. I listen to symphonic metal, electro-pop, house and R&B music, hopefully you'll enjoy my gallery!! :heart:

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Welcome to :iconmh-freakyfusion: !
I really hope to see more of your lovely artworks of all the Freaky Fusion characters on this group, feel free to join in! :D (Big Grin)
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thank you ;)
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ever wondered how a fusion between ghoulia and frankie looked like?
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probably a green-ish gray-ish ghoul, with stitches all over her body, with frankie's head shap and ghoulia's eyes, with frankie's pupils, cheek scar, lips, and neckbolts, her hair could be white with black and blue streaks, and of course wearing something that could resemble both Frankie and Ghoulia styles
danitaguty Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Filmographer
she could have lightning bolt nerd glasses! 
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have u done any sailor moon drawings
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nope, I should tho ;)
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it'd b cool if u did. 
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