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Ok. I don't usually write about this everytime we get new leaks, but with this new Great Scarrier Reef line, I just feel like I got to get this off of my chest, some of you might disagree with me, but hey, it's how I feel. Let's get down to it.

Great Scarrier Reef dolls: When I first saw the trademark I immediately knew this was a Lagoona centric thing, since I recall her saying something like that was her birthplace or where she used to live and stuff like that, and tbh what I pictured of the line was a deluxe beach line of some sort, like Skull Shores but with less tropical vibes? Something with a more sporty feel going on, even a line focused on surfing? I mean, doesn't she love to surf and it's all about water-type sports, isn't she? I just never pictured them as mermaids... all of them... and the new ghouls are just... very unique, just not what I expected. I know a lot of people have asked for this kind of features since early stages of the franchise, but things like that aren't my thing, if you know what I mean... two-heads... tentacles... really loud colors clashing like that in one single character... is just a little too much, not in a pleasant way. To me they look like "how wacky and monster-y can we make these dolls look" and less about, well... FASHION?! Like, I guess it's cool and everything that they're expanding the doll field, and have the guts to go for stuff like that, but I feel they're forgetting about the fashion aspect of them and focusing on the monster side of things, like, how is a squid ghoul is supposed to sport a cool set of pants, or a really fierce looking pair of shoes, like, you understand what I'm trying to tell you??! They're really creative and imaginative but to me they look more like female action figures with rooted hair, than fashion dolls at all, and the amount of molded plastic things is overwhelming.

For me, I prefer MH back when they did School's Out (Wave 2) Basics dolls, and even Ghouls Rule, because for me it showed a pecfect balance between the monster aspect of the franchise, but also the fashion part as well, also because the clothes they wore were pieces inspired by classic monsters, almost like an ode to them, not just huge amounts of plastic things wrapped around the dolls just for the sake of being crazy and out there. This is what I feared back in the day and what I still fear today, that MH just reduces themselves as just weird color looking dolls with tacky molded clothes on them, crazy features and no fashion at all, just a little blouse thrown in the mix, just to say they didn't make anything in regards of clothes. The point is these dolls are just not for me, and it's crazy because while I'm not obsessed with mermaids, I like them, but this line just doesn't do it for me, way too gimmick-y for the things I like in a doll, I'm glad for the ones who finally had their two-headed dolls that have tentacles instead of legs, but I just can only hope future MH lines won't only revolve around how many crazy features the ghouls can get, but also remember their fashion aesthetics that made us (at least myself) fall in love with them, showing a perfect balance between monster-fantasy creatures and pretty, whimsical fashion sense!

However looking on the bright side of things, I'm glad they're making a collector series (you know, the new Collector Draculaura with the black mermaid gown, YEEES!!), so not all hope is lost ;)


Fairy Apple and Raven by Rsac3
Fairy Apple and Raven
Here we have Apple White & Raven Queen as fairies!! :heart: You know I love fairies!! :la:

This was inspired by the transformation scene of the girls in Way Too Wonderland! Briar is next and after her comes Faybelle, only those four are gonna get the "Rsac3 Fairy Treatment" hahahahah :giggle: Tell me which one you like best, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @rei.rsac3, as I've been more active there lately than here on DA.

Love y'all!! :blowkiss: :tighthug:


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Hi everybody!!!!!! My name is Reinaldo, but you can call me Rei!!

I'm in love drawing, it's my passion since I was a little kid, I'm into Monster High and other cartoons, but my dream is to become a badass digital artist, and maybe someday write my own comic or manga.

I'm into bara, yaoi and everything that involves two or more guys kissing, hugging, and "touching" each other :XD: (I can't help it).

I'm also into fashion, as I love to get inspiration from it. I listen to pop, metal, house and some R&B music, hopefully you'll enjoy my gallery!! :heart:

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